Leading transformational digital initiatives for innovative companies

I am not your traditional program manager. As a multi-disciplinary consultant with cross-functional capabilities in project management, web development & digital strategy, I bring a holistic approach to solving your problems.

Work. For some time now, I've honed my skills as a consultant working across multiple industries and disciplines. Most notably, my experience is strongest in program & project management where my goal is to ensure projects are delivered on time and budget.

Recently, I've added digital strategy to my arsenal, and as a marketing strategist, I focus on creating growth opportunities for my clients through funnel architecture, landing page design & development, analytics, and CRO.

Fun. I enjoy adventure travel. Though as a digital nomad, I like off-the-beaten-path places like Ajijic, Mexico just as much as the touristy ones (randomly booked three hours before takeoff.)

I'm also a huge gamer, and one of my favorite pastimes was late night real-time strategy duels online in StarCraft and Warcraft.

Feel free to check out my work to learn more about what I do. Or, better yet, challenge me to a match on Steam.



I am a multi-disciplinary business and technology consultant with extensive experience in project & product management crossed with digital strategy. For a complete run-down, please feel free to check out my work experience or reach out for a friendly chat. Here are some key highlights:

  • Managed external third-party vendors and internal client teams to create a digital personalization strategy for their Global Home Page and existing customers resulting in an increase in sales & channel growth by 100%.
  • Led a turnaround on a bi-directional sales flow project that was 1.5+ years behind schedule with a team of five; recovered in four months and mitigated significant cash penalties after taking over.
  • Successfully delivered $2MM+ in savings for a client site consolidation M&A program with a budget of $4.6MM.