Introduction is one of the first-to-market online cleaning platform aimed at changing the way home owners order residential cleaning services.

To overcome the trust barrier that consumers have of purchasing an online-to-offline service entirely on the Internet, I worked with a designer to lead the UX effort.

It was important to add in trust markers such as a proper toll-free number, whether or not the business is bonded, and a money-back guarantee to reassure visitors.

The flow was also focused on clarity of message. We have a clean, but attention grabbing CTA in the eyebrow and hero spaces. A simple explanation of how the it works, and a expandable accordion providing details on what is in-scope for the cleaning service.

The two sides of a sign-up

Instant and pain-free booking for clients


Many eCommerce order or booking forms do not customize their checkout process.

Taking best practices from the Baymard Institute, I revamped the UX of the checkout page by removing the common header and footer.

I removed all of the elements that could take attention away from completing the appointment.

To create a distraction-free booking experience, I took away the menu and replaced it with a security logo to explain that the payment is secure.

The eyebrow bar had a phone number that customers can easily call if they ran into an issue.

For those that are reticent about paying and ordering through the Internet, I also gutted the footer, and substituted a phone number in case prospects wanted to just call and talk to a real person.

All-in-all, I aimed to keep the focus on the booking form so that the customer can finish their order.

The professional side of the equation


Residential cleaners are the backbone to the platform, and deserve an equal amount of respect for their application experience.

Like the customer booking flow, I took out all of the distraction elements that could hinder an applicant from completing their form.

This means no more menus, a short list of benefit bullets highlighting the type of people we like to partner with, and a reminder about what we offer.

Short and sweet.

Color-coded scope callouts


When you call up a cleaning company, there is a laundry list of services they perform.

Rather than going through that discussion every time, I published every service that the cleaning professional should be performing, and color-coded it according to conventional expectations.

Green for in-scope, gray for optional services, and red for work that would be out-of-scope for the cleaners.

For consistency, I ordered it from LTR (left-to-right) and top to bottom starting from in-scope, to optional, to OOS.

See for yourself:

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