For those who are looking to become a project manager, or have had to take up project management functions due to their job responsibilities, this portal serves as a guide to help those who are new to the field of PM to understand what are some of the best practices, as well as provide them with in-depth knowledge, training and software recommendations on what is the right tool or approach for the job.

Up to date industry events database


With so many project management events scattered throughout various websites, blogs, and social media outlets, we decided it would be appropriate to provide a single aggregate view of the latest PM workshops, conferences and summits.

Visitors will be able to quickly see and identify what types of events they might be interested in, and learn about the speakers and organizers who are hosting it.

PM software for the right audience


Good project management software is subjective, and there are many factors to consider when evaluating what is the best one for the end user.

I created a repository of SaaS PM tools that cater to specific uses and implemented a Faceted search solution to make it easy for visitors to filter and quickly pare down what they are looking for.

Resource Templates, Logs and Workbooks


Every project manager worth their salt needs to be armed with the right resources to do the job.

In addition to having the right PM tool and the technical know-how to operate the software, they need a solid inventory of templates, logs and key frameworks in their toolkit to carry out their project.

I created a detailed resource which tackles each of the main pain points project managers may face as they help their organization execute the work.

Find and chose what you want to learn


Not everyone is at the same level of knowledge, or want to learn about the same topics.

So I created a simple START HERE baseline for aspiring project managers to wander off to and explore.

From best practices, software insights, and resource templates to Q&A and communities - I aimed to make it as easy as possible to access the right content for the visitor as quickly as possible.

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